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The desire to be a part of something larger than ourselves isn’t an accident. We were created to need community, a place to belong. God intended for the local church to meet that need. God also intended the church to be a place where we discover, develop and use our gifts. More importantly committing to a local church gives us the chance to be used by God in the fulfilling of his mission for our lives, our community and the world.


Four reasons we encourage church membership:


  • Membership is not mentioned in the bible, but the concept of commitment certainly is.

  • Membership provides accountability.

  • Membership benefits you. Being a part of a body of believers serves as an antidote to negative pressures in our society.

  • Membership provides stability, support, and spiritual growth.

What membership means to us:


  • Pray for and support the pastors and other staff members and speak well of them to others (both fellow members and people outside the congregation). Also pray for the members of our congregation and for others that they be brought to faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Support the mission of the church financially with regular and sacrificial offerings. The Biblical practice of tithing (giving a percentage of income) is strongly encouraged. Those who are richly blessed materially and those who benefit from hearing God’s word through the church respond with generosity.

  • Give time and abilities to share in doing the many tasks that are necessary for the continuation of the congregation’s ministry. God has given each person special abilities that our congregation needs. This may  include serving on a board or committee, helping out with one of the ministry programs of the church, or even assisting with maintenance of the buildings and grounds.


How to become a member:


Becoming a member of Holy Cross is an easy process – it’s all about opening your heart and mind, and getting involved. As a member, you may find meaningful connections with God, your community and all your neighbors in the world.


There are four ways to become a member...


The first method is by baptism. All who receive the Sacrament of Holy Baptism at Holy Cross are considered baptized members. Children who have been baptized by another Christian church who personally or through their guardian, express the desire to be members of this congregation shall be considered baptized members. Adults who are not baptized and desire to become members must first attend an adult baptism instruction class, be baptized, and make a confession of faith during their baptism.


The second method is confirmation. Baptized members of Holy Cross go through a two year period of instruction beginning in the seventh grade and are confirmed in the fall of their freshman year. The Rite of Confirmation for youth is one in which a young person confirms or affirms for themselves what their parents confessed for them at the time of their baptism.


The third method is by transfer. This is when a member of another ELCA congregation who moves to this area requests a transfer of membership from their former congregation to Holy Cross.


The fourth method is by profession of faith. This can happen one of two ways. When a baptized and confirmed adult from another Lutheran church body indicates that they believe what the ELCA teaches and they desire to become members of our church.


Contact the Church

If you have any questions regarding membership or would like to become a member please contact us at

(605) 362-1947 or send us an email.



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