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below is a step by step guide to sign up to give on Breeze.

  1. Go to Holy Cross Lutheran Church | Breeze ( (https://holycrosslutheran.breeze.chms/login ) or download the Breeze app on your device. (See Breeze app instructions below)

2. If you have not created an account through Breeze, click on “Create Account” under the sign in box. If you already have an account through Breeze, skip to step #6.

3. Enter Name and Enter your email address where you already receive Holy Cross Lutheran Church emails.

4. Once you get the notification that it found you as a member with your name and email address, you will get an email at that email address from Breeze. You will need to go to that email and authenticate and set up a password.

5. After you have created a password through the email from Breeze, you will sign in back on the same first webpage Holy Cross Lutheran Church | Breeze ( (https://holycrosslutheran.breeze.chms/login ) or where it says “Click below to log in”. 

6. You will use your email address that is used by Holy Cross Lutheran Church and your password to sign in. Once you are logged in, you have the ability to sign up for one time or reoccurring giving. You will be on your “Dashboard” and in the center of the page in the “Online Giving” options. To set up your initial gift, click “Give a gift”.

7. Type in the amount of the gift at the top, then if it is a “one-time” gift, or how often it is reoccurring from the first drop-down. Then enter if it will be a card or ACH Bank Transfer from the second drop-down, and click “Continue”.

8. Proceed in entering your payment information. Click the “Add $xx to cover processing fees” if you wish to do that. Then click the blue “Give $xx” at the bottom.

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