Dear Friends of Holy Cross,
Throughout my life I have been a part of churches that have lifted the term “family ministry” up as an ideal, but never have I seen it actually become a reality. Each congregation had a ministry for children (mostly Sunday School), youth (youth group and confirmation), and adults (usually a couple of Bible Studies). Some of these programs were popular and thrived, while others didn’t. In every case each individual program operated like a completely separate entity.
What would the ministry of Holy Cross look like if we broke down the silos? Jesus prayed that all of his followers would be one just as he and the Father are one. He prayed that we would be unified, so that the world would believe He was sent from God and that God loves them. There is tremendous power in unity.
I am excited to announce that we will be taking a step into a united future of ministry here at Holy Cross. Later this month, we will be combining our children’s, youth, and family ministry programs into a united Children, Youth, and Family ministry. Bringing these three distinct, yet cooperative areas of ministry together under one umbrella will allow us to have a greater impact on the faith lives of the children, youth and families in our community.
Along with this change, we will be stepping up our efforts in providing ministry to and with our adult members and friends. Community and relationship building is a key focus area for Holy Cross as we live into God’s future. As such, we are dedicating ourselves to the building of a thriving small group ministry program. Small gains have been made in the forming of transformational small groups of disciples thus far, and we want to continue to build upon that progress. Going forward we will be even more focused on expanding our ability to help bring people together to learn, grow, and support one another in Christian community.
In order to effectively manage these changes, some reorganizing of staff will be necessary. Under the supervision of Pastor Bailey, we will be restructuring our family ministry and adult ministry staff in the following way:


  • Erica Varcoe (Miss Erica) will be stepping up to lead the new Children, Youth and Family ministry. Erica’s passion, vision, and love for Jesus and the people of Holy Cross, along with her administrative and leadership abilities, make her the right leader for this challenge. Erica will be working closely with Jen Neitzert (Miss Jen) and Miranda Kvanli (Miss Miranda) to bring consistency and intergenerational collaboration to our ministry efforts with children, youth, young adults and their families.


  • We will also be making some changes with regard to our adult ministry staff. Marilyn Kulm will be shifting her focus as she continues to use her passion for serving God and her neighbor as the new Mission and Outreach Ministry Coordinator. Leadership for our adult education and Small Group Ministry efforts will be shifted to a new part-time position (Small Group Ministry Coordinator).

We know that change often makes us uncomfortable, and we know that transitioning from a siloed model of ministry to a unified family ministry model will not be easy. So as we navigate these changes together, we ask for your patience. This process will take some time for us to adapt to, but we will eventually get there. As our council president likes to say, “Progress not Perfection.” We are going to take small steps. We will start with unifying our family ministry staff, and then move to unify our family ministry volunteers, and then to our parents and adult friends, so that all of us feel part of a unified Holy Cross ministry. From there, we will continually evaluate and improve in order to maintain that unity.
Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel, and thank you for being part of Holy Cross.
Blessings to you and your family!
Pastor Nick

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