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All are welcome to join in on our events!

8:00 am Worship
9:00 Crosskids
9:45 am Worship
10:45 Adult Bible Study

5:00 pm Lenten Supper
6:00 pm Lenten Worship
7:00 pm Bible Study
Crosskids and Youth Programs 


Holy Cross March 26th @ 6:00 pm!

The Centerville Community Arts Council

proudly presents: “The Living Last Supper”

A dramatic presentation of Jesus and the twelve apostles in the moments after Jesus declares, “One of you will betray me”, where each man cries out, “Lord, is it I?” The story is based on Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting of “The Last Supper” and written by Ernest K. Emurian.

We are extending a warm welcome to your congregation, confirmation class and youth group to attend this moving presentation!

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